Tourism in Uganda especially as a top African destination in the 1960s, has reawakened over the past decade.

Tourism has a lot of positive influences on Africa. It supports the economy, it creates awareness and it helps to protect national parks and its wildlife. Without tourism the gorillas, the elephants and many other animal species would have been extinct. However; Tourism has negative influences as well. As a tour operator we have the responsibility to limit the negative influences on social/economic aspects, and environmental issues as much as possible. GORILLA MIST SAFARIS hopes that generations of people can continue to enjoy the natural beauty of this wonderful continent especially the Pearl of Africa.


All transportation for our tours in Uganda and Rwanda is included in the total price of the package. Day trips and side excursions that are optional will be at your own expense. The transport on the tours is generally a mixture of private safari vehicles, bicycle taxis, by foot, and where a domestic flight is included - by a charter flight.

Public Transport vs Safari Vehicles

As you would expect, the transport system in Africa is different to anywhere else in the world. We make all efforts to provide transport between our destination towns very comfortable and thats why we use private safari vehicles for your tours! We do not use public transport because much of the public transport means are for locals (buses and matatus), characterised with overloading, poor hygiene, over speeding etc

We find that the best way - as far as convenience and having more of a local experience in Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya- is to hire our own private safari vehicles. This way we can make interesting stops enroute. It also has the advantage that we can depart and arrive at times that are more convenient to us.

We use a fleet of 4×4 luxury vehicles to transport you.