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Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National Park

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Lake Mburo National Park is one of the smallest national parks in Uganda and also the closest safari destination to Kampala and Entebbe. Lake Mburo is a splendid and special safari destination for tourists with plans to go for wildlife safaris/game viewing, bird watching. Lake Mburo National Park is found in Western Uganda and it is surrounded by 4 districts of Mbarara, Lyantonde, Kiruhura and Isingiro. It is 3-4 hours’ drive from Kampala/Entebbe.

Lake Mburo National Park occupies 370sq.kms of land area which makes it one of the smallest safari parks in Uganda. Initially, it was first established in 1933 as a Controlled Hunting Area and in 1963 it upgraded to be a game reserve. In 1983, it was established as a national park and it boasts for its vast eco-system.


Lake Mburo National Park is a compact park with over 68 species of mammals. Unlike most savanna parks, Lake Mburo there are no lions and elephants. The notable wildlife species to expect on Uganda safari in this park include zebras, elands, defassa waterbucks, leopards, topis, reedbucks, hyenas, impalas, buffaloes, Rothschild giraffes.


Over 350 bird species thrive in the different habitats of Lake Mburo National Park which makes it one of the outstanding birding sites in Uganda. The park is endowed with diversity of avifaunal species which include barefaced go-away bird, common quails, greenwood hoopoe, lilac breasted roller, trilling cisticola, shoebill storks, emerald spotted wood dove, crested francolin, African grey hornbill. The park also hosts the African wattled plovers, rufous chested swallow, southern red bishop, yellow throated long claw, red necked spurfowl, Temminck’s courser and others.


Game drive

What makes Uganda safari in the savanna park like Lake Mburo National Park amazing is a game drive. The park has a lot for you to enjoy ranging from zebras, antelopes, leopards, buffaloes, to birds. It has an incredible landscape with several game/wildlife tracks including the zebra tracks, Ruroko track, Kazuma rack and it is possible to go for a day game drive or night game drive.

Boat cruise

Lake Mburo National Park provides the best of boat cruise experience along its beautiful Lake Mburo. This starts from Rwonyo jetty and takes visitors about 2-3 hours to explore the natural wonders this park has especially aquatic life. You will enjoy view of crocodiles, hippos, antelopes, aquatic birds especially pelicans, rufous long tailed starling, pied kingfishers, blue headed weavers, shoebill stork, Hammerkop to mention but a few.


Lake Mburo hosts over 350 bird species, most of these can be spotted on birding tour or game drive/launch cruise or nature walk. Any bird lover on tour in Lake Mburo National Park stands a chance to identify variety of the park’s amazing bird species. The park’s bird species range from shoebill storks, Nubian woodpecker, crowned crane, black billed bustard, brown parrot, greenwood hoopoe, African grey hornbill, black billed barbet. You will also come across the red necked spur, blue napped mouse bird, African wattled plover, emerald spotted wood dove, yellow throated longclaw, bronze tailed starling.

Nature walks

The best way to immerse yourself into Lake Mburo National Park is while on a guided nature walk. This is amazing on-foot-walk experience which takes you through the hidden treasures of the park while following the trails. You can take a walk to the top of Kazuma hill to enjoy excellent view of Lake Mburo, savanna plains of the park, acacia vegetation or walk to the salt lick to enjoy variety of wildlife that gather here to lick the salt. You can also be part of Rubanga forest walk which lets you identify the many bird species that live here including the red bishops, bronze tailed starling, woodpeckers, black billed bustard. There are also some interesting wildlife to see ranging from zebras, giraffes, antelopes, monkeys and the whole experience will be memorable.

Horse riding

Lake Mburo is a special safari park where tourists can embark on horse back ride to see diversity of wildlife. This is a 4-5 hours’ experience in the savannas and you will sight lots of topis, impalas, zebras, elands, water bucks plus birds.

Sport fishing

Lake Mburo National Park is one of the parks which are offer sport fishing experiences to visitors on Uganda safari. This is carried out on Mazinga shores of Lake Mburo, Western Uganda. Other ideal places include Murchison Falls National Park, Lake Victoria.

Cultural experience

Lake Mburo National Park lies in Western Uganda, which is part of the Ankole sub-region. The area is inhabited by the renowned cattle keepers and cultivators and there is a lot to learn about Ankole cultures, traditions, dances, music performances among others while on cultural tour. The best places to enjoy your cultural experience after a game drive in Lake Mburo include Ankole cultural community, Rwabarata Drama group, Rubale fishing community and Shara community tourism group and many more.

Where to stay

The accommodation options in and around Lake Mburo are comfortable and affordable by all visitors on Uganda safari. They include Mburo Safari Lodge, Mihingo Lodge, Mantana Tented Camp, Eagles Nest Lodge, Arcadia Cottages, Rwonyo Rest Camp and others.

Access to Lake Mburo National Park for a safari

Access to Lake Mburo National Park is easier for holidaymakers. It takes you about 4 hours to drive from Kampala along Masaka-Mbarara route to this park. Or fly from Entebbe to airstrip in Mbarara then connect to the park for your holiday.



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