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Mount Elgon National Park

Mount Elgon National Park

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Mount Elgon National Park is one of the least visited safari parks in Uganda. It lies between Uganda and Kenya. Mt. Elgon National Park Uganda is found in Eastern side of the country just close to Mbale. It takes its name from the extinct volcano; Mount Elgon which experienced its first ever eruption about 24 million years back. Other than Mbale, the other bordering districts to Mt. Elgon include Manafwa, Buhugu, Budadiri, Bududa and other areas.

While Mt. Elgon is shared by the 2 countries, Wagagai peak (4321m) which is the highest peak for Mt. Elgon is in Uganda. Other 3 peaks include the Mubiyi (4210m), Jackson’s summit (4165m) and Kiongo (4303m). This volcano is an important watershed for several rivers around it including the river Sipi which makes up the popular beautiful Sipi Falls.

Mount Elgon National Park Uganda was established in 1992 and currently occupies 1279sq.kms of land area. This park is surrounded by Bagisu and Sabiny plus the Neorobos who are the marginalized group. Mt. Elgon National Park is a designated UNESCO Man & Biosphere Reserve and its main activity is mountaineering/mountain climbing to Wagagai peak.


Mt. Elgon National Park is a beautiful Uganda safari park with incredible wildlife species that dwell around the volcano’s base although they are hidden within the forest. They include spotted hyenas, oribis, Defassa waterbucks, bushbucks, elephants, buffaloes, plus primates like black and white colobus monkeys.


Mt. Elgon hosts an estimate of about 300 bird species, 40 of these are Ugandan species and only exist in this park. The interesting birds to explore on Uganda safari here include among others black shouldered kite, Jackson francolin, black collared apalis, Tacazze sunbird. The park also hosts the common white throat cape robin chat, little rock thrush, nightingale, spotted morning thrush, little rush warbler, green hylia, yellow bellied hyliota, rattling cisticolas, white browed crombec, brown woodland warblers, hartlaub’s turacos and others.



Mt. Elgon National Park offers amazing volcano climbing experiences to Wagagai peak its highest peak. The hikes start from different trails and possible to take 7 days exploring this magnificent volcano. Some of the trails include Sasa trail which is considerably the shortest although the steepest route to Mt. Elgon’s peaks. You will have 4 days on this trail which also takes you via bamboo forest and Jackson’s pool.

The Sipi trail 4-6 days begins from the forest exploration centre in Kapkwai till you get to Tutum cave. The Piswa trail which is 7 days trek beginning from Kapkwata village via podocarps forest. Mountaineering experiences on Mt. Elgon are best done during the dry season (from June to September/December to February).


There are lots of birds to explore on birding tour in Mt. Elgon National Park. These include African goshawk, Doherty’s bush shrikes, white chinned prinia, African blue flycatcher, Chubb’s cisticola and others.

Rock climbing

Another remarkable adventure you can enjoy on safari in Mt. Elgon is rock climbing just outside the park. This is done at Sipi and you embark on 14 climbs with the toughest being 35m and simplest 15m.


This is a thrilling adventure which takes place from one of the Sipi Falls cliffs. Participants drop down 100m while overviewing the ridge nearby Sipi Falls water pool as well as the breathtaking sceneries in the surrounding areas.


Mt. Elgon is blessed with a number of caves which you shouldn’t miss to pay a visit on Uganda safari. They include Khauka caves along Wanale ridge, Kapkwai cave and others.

Hiking Sipi Falls

Uganda safari to Mt. Elgon or Eastern Uganda never goes without a visit to Sipi Falls also known the triple falls. These are very stunning waterfalls with highest at 100m, simba falls on 69m and Ngasire 87m. There are also other waterfalls to explore including Sisyi, Chebonet, Wanale and Bulago.

Agro-tourism/cultural tours

Mt. Elgon National Park is within Bugisu area, a region well-known for coffee growing in Uganda. On a guided walk/community walk, you will have in-depth exploration about coffee growing process till it is a final product to be consumed.

Places to stay

The lodges and camps to consider for overnight stay on Uganda tour in Mt. Elgon include Casa Sipi River Lodge, Sipi River Lodge, Camping and some hotels in Mbale.

Access to Mt. Elgon National Park

By road: From Kampala via Jinja-Mbale and you access Mt. Elgon National Park about 5 hours’ drive.



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